[jp] Wishlist

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Tue May 20 13:14:59 EDT 2003

> What if we started a petition to get Palm to support Linux?  Hopefully get
> it slashdotted.  Could we get their attention?  They have the people with
> the know how right here.  How much could we cost them per year?  Surely
> its small in the scheme of things.

	I think this would have the devastating opposite effect.. they would
probably clamp down HARD on the tools and support, and probably come quickly
after us for "reverse-engineering" their protocol, encryption, and other

	I'd personally love to become a whitehat with Palmsource, and many
of the people who still work for Palmsource/Palm, value our contributions in
lots of ways, even though they can't officially state it in public. We're
doing good things, regardless of whether they want to help us or hate us or

	What we'll probably see soon from Palmsource, is a java-based Palm
Desktop application. OS6 is supposed to be *ALL* XML, so perhaps they're
heading in the right direction anyway, just 4 years too late.. They probably
wouldn't support us directly, and instead would try to just replace the need
for us with their own code.

	Let's just keep doing what we're doing, make our tools better, and
support the community that supports us... for the love of the work. We're
already doing more than Palm themselves is doing with our software, even if
we don't support things like VFS and whatever the latest Palm device off the
factory floor this week is.


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