[jp] Wishlist

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Tue May 20 13:04:19 EDT 2003

David A. Desrosiers wrote:
>>- A formal *paying* contract between PalmSource and Judd to make this the
>>  official Palm Desktop for Linux.....
- I wish this was my full time job.  How is that?

> 	HAhAhAhahAhahahHAHAHAhahahA... excuse me while I laugh. As much as I
> would love this to happen, Palmsource has consistantly said they want to OWN
> all of the tools that touch their platform, so this probably won't happen,
> and from the rumors I've been hearing, OS5 may be the last OS that Linux CAN
> support... there's talk of making OS6 tightly keyed to the Windows HotSync
> Manager API, so that if you aren't talking through HotSync Manager, the Palm
> itself will refuse to connect (and refuse to sync the data). Let's hope it
> isn't true..
I don't see why this couldn't happen.  It would be nice if PalmSource 
paid David and I.  I know J-Pilot would be *way* better than it is now.

If they are concerned about certain key portions of code then they can 
distribute binary object files to link with the rest of the code.  I 
have seen this done many times.  I even worked on 2 kernel drivers like 

What if we started a petition to get Palm to support Linux?  Hopefully 
get it slashdotted.  Could we get their attention?  They have the people 
with the know how right here.  How much could we cost them per year? 
Surely its small in the scheme of things.


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