[jp] Wishlist

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Tue May 20 12:19:06 EDT 2003

> - Poll the configured port for potential hotsync activity (daemon style),
>   and kick off a sync if

	This is already fixed in the soon-to-be-released pilot-link.

> - A one-click plugin to allow a ppp connection to be established between
>   the handheld and the machine, for useful stuff like syncing (currently
>   unsupported in PalmOS5 clients) protocol-driven stuff like Avantgo using
>   modem-sync.;-) Also other network-related stuff like Worldmate Pro that
>   picks up weather and other good stuff.

	PalmOS5 is supported perfectly fine, other than odd units fresh off
the factory floor that nobody has seen yet.

> - A "File install" button on the main screen of jpilot.

	I'd prefer drag-n-drop also, for those that have something to drag
from (I don't, so a browse option with multiselect is preferred, but again,
I usually use pilot-xfer for that).

> - A formal *paying* contract between PalmSource and Judd to make this the
>   official Palm Desktop for Linux.....

	HAhAhAhahAhahahHAHAHAhahahA... excuse me while I laugh. As much as I
would love this to happen, Palmsource has consistantly said they want to OWN
all of the tools that touch their platform, so this probably won't happen,
and from the rumors I've been hearing, OS5 may be the last OS that Linux CAN
support... there's talk of making OS6 tightly keyed to the Windows HotSync
Manager API, so that if you aren't talking through HotSync Manager, the Palm
itself will refuse to connect (and refuse to sync the data). Let's hope it
isn't true..


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