[jp] pilot-link works, but jpilot doesn't

Kent West westk at acu.edu
Sun May 18 08:43:50 EDT 2003

Chuck C Cho wrote:

>hmmm, i'm at my odds' end.
>i've been using jpilot for 2+ years, and i just switched serial port
>based palm Vx to sony clie SJ-22 which uses USB.
>i got the pilot-link working, but jpilot doesn't cooperate. i linked
>/dev/pilot to /dev/ttyUSB1. i don't have idea why it doesn't work
>(when pilot-link does).
>any comment or idea would be appreciated.
I haven't used a USB device with jpilot in a year or two, but back then, 
you had to press the button on the cradle first, and then click on the 
"Sync" button in jpilot. Until the button on the cradle is pressed, the 
device /dev/ttyUSBx doesn't "exist"; it's created when the button is 
pressed, and once the cradle times out or finishes its task, the device 
disappears again.

This is going on vague memories, and may be unrelated to your problem, 
but thought I'd throw it out for you.

Kent West (westk at acu.edu)

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