[jp] Trouble importing csv file with jpilot-0.99.5

Gary Jaffe gfjaffe at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 19:46:51 EDT 2003


I recently tried to use csv export / import to add some records to my
DatebookDB.  It works great except for records that have a time
indicated.  Those records have the time increased by 1 hour during the
import process.

I tried to do a work around by writing a python script that looks for
records in the csv file that indicate a time and subtract 1 hour from
each of them.  This worked most of the time, but there were a few
records where the time was not increased by 1 hour during the import

Now I'm stumpted, because I can't figure out when the import process is
going to add 1 hour and when it's not.

I am running Xandros and compiled jpilot-0.99.5

If anyone has a solution or work around for this, I would be very


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