[jp] Zire 71 Camera photos retrieval

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Tue May 6 22:36:18 EDT 2003

Someone was asking about the Zire 71 built in camera formats last week. 
  Well, someone was nice enough to have figured out the format, so I 
wrote some code to retrieve the files.

The first program is called pilot-foto for now.
It will connect to the palm and fetch the photos and save them as jpeg 
files.  There is also an option to convert *.jpg.pdb files on disk to 
*.jpg.  This can come in handy after doing a backup.

My intent is to get this accepted into pilot-link.  Maybe it should 
merge with read-palmpix.(?)

The second is foto.so.  It is a J-Pilot plugin and for now just fetches 
the files and saves them in ~/.jpilot as *.jpg files.


Feel free to test these out and report problems.  Also report if they 
work with the Palm add-on cameras.  There is no autoconf since these 
will be probably be put into other packages in the future.

I want to thank chipx86 at gnupdate.org for his work in converting the pdb 
file format to jpeg.


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