[jp] Datebook anomalies in 0.99.5

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Sat May 3 00:31:39 EDT 2003

This should be fixed in CVS.  Please test and if you have time test with 
setting the time to before DST started.


Mark Allman wrote:
>>When I have a repeating event, and then I go to change it, it
>>prompts me: "This is a repeating event. Do you want to apply these
>>changes to just the CURRENT event, or ALL of the occurrances of
>>this event?: CURRENT ALL CANCEL" If I select ALL it seems to work
>>okay, but if I select current, it shifts the start and end time of
>>the current even forward one hours.
> As a second data point, I see this all the time too (and have been
> meaning to construct an email...).
> allman
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