[jp] Syncing Issue with USB and Clie - pilot-link or jpilot problem?

Stefan Ulrich Hegner stefan at hegner-online.de
Wed Mar 26 15:28:11 EST 2003

Hi Gerry & Judd,

Gerard W. Patterson wrote:
>    What happens if you load the visor module on boot?  I 'visor' to
>    /etc/modules and the system loads the module at boot time.  Then my

OK, seems to help. If I do a "modprobe visor" before launching jpilot and
trying to sync, I can sync immediately.

What exactly dic you add to your /etc/modules.conf? an alias entry? Please

>    syncs work the first time and each time after that.  (NOTE:I still
>    have to press hotsync on the palm first, then jpilot)

Well, I don't. But I got an SJ30 which is an SJ20 with color display. 
Maybe it's got to do with the distro.



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