[jp] strange sync issues

B Kirkpatrick bkirkp at wcnet.net
Sun Mar 23 20:01:10 EST 2003

I never saw a resolution to this, and since I am having the exact same
problem, I thought I might respond.  If anyone needs more information, let
me know.
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> > I have a Handspring Visor and have a similar problem.  I am able to sync
> > once with Jpilot, but I have to reboot before I can sync again.  If I
> > don't I get a pi_bind error.
> Not enough info.
> What operating system? (FreeBSD/Linux)
        RH 7.3, fresh install.
> What kernel version?  (uname -a)
        2.4.20, compiled right after OS installation.
> What Visor model?
        Not sure, can't find a model #.
> What version of J-Pilot?
> Did you compile J-Pilot from source? Or install from a package?
        Compiled from source.
> What version of pilot-liNk?
> Did you compile pilot-link from source? Or install from a package?
        Compiled from source.
> What kind of desktop hardware?
        Default RH Gnome installation.
> What does 'lsmod' show when you can no longer sync?
        Module        Size    Used by    Not tainted
        visor            10112    0
        usbserial       19104   0    [visor]
        usb-ohci       18528   0    (unused)
        usbcore        70688   1    [visor usbserial printer usb-ohci]
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