[jp] Cannotdelete/home/bob/.jpilot/Backup/Archive_2003-xx-xxfiles

Bob Collins bcollins at fpcc.net
Sun Mar 23 18:35:15 EST 2003

It appears that there is only one file which root does not have
permissions for, AddressStatesDB.pdb.  The chown command does not work
for root on that file.

Could this file possibly have be written by a database administration
userid inside the code?  Unless the file is corrupted I cannot think of
any reason that root has no authority over it.  The following commands
will not work for root against this file ls, mv, cp, cat & chown.  All
give permission denied.

I also reinstalled jpilot.

If you come up with anything I would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks, Bob

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