[jp] Cannot delete/home/bob/.jpilot/Backup/Archive_2003-xx-xxfiles

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Sun Mar 23 16:40:33 EST 2003

> chown knows about .. and doesn't touch it.

	..except if you use wildcards. Try this:

	cd /tmp
	mkdir foo
	mkdir foo/bar
	mkdir foo/bar/blort
	cd foo/bar/blort
	touch .foo
	mkdir .bar
	chown paul.users -R .*

	Boom. Note, do it in a chroot, or make sure you have backups.

> I don't know on what system this gave you problems, but it's never done
> anything the slightest bit wrong on every version of Unix i've ever tried
> (although Linux, HP-UX, & Solaris are the only ones i've touched lately).

	Linux and AIX are the two I know that suffer from this, but I've
only done it once on each, and both times by accident, but now I know what
to avoid =)


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