[jp] Sync times out during ToDoDB

Brad Rodriguez bj at zetetics.com
Sun Mar 23 12:34:30 EST 2003

Brad Rodriguez wrote:
> Apologies if this has been addressed before, but I didn't see a similar 
> problem in the archives.  My problem is this: when I do a Sync 
> operation, Jpilot gets as far as "Syncing ToDoDB" and then progress 
> stops.  Eventually the Palm (m105) times out ("the connection between 
> your handheld computer and the desktop was lost").  The Jpilot program 
> does not lock up or crash -- it's still running, and I can view 
> everything and even start another Sync (which doesn't work any better 
> than the first one).  Comparing the Palm to Jpilot, it looks like the 
> ToDo items from the Palm were loaded correctly onto the desktop.  But 
> I've tried adding a To-Do item on Jpilot, and it didn't get transferred 
> to the Palm.

Since writing that I've been experimenting with the backup files.  I was hoping 
that I could use the files I downloaded with pilot-xfer to manually bring Jpilot 
up to date.

While poking around in their respective directories, I noticed that Jpilot has 
both .pdb and .pc3 files for the sync'd applications.  And I was interested to 
note that all the .pc3 files had zero length except for the ToDoDB.  This made 
me suspect that the .pc3 file is connected with pending updates, so -- after 
backing up my m105 -- I deleted ToDoDB.pc3 and restarted Jpilot.  Now it 
synchronizes with no problem.

Is my assumption about the .pc3 file correct?  Did I do something incredibly 
reckless to delete this file?  Jpilot seems to be working now.


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