[jp] RPM unable to see libs

Paul Gear paul at gear.dyndns.org
Sat Mar 22 17:22:59 EST 2003

Jason Day wrote:

>On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 09:19:54AM -0500, Robert W March wrote:
>>I want to install jpilot-0.99.5-1.i386.rpm on a RH7.3 systems currently using 
>>JPilot 0.99.3 and pilot-link 11.7.
>>But, I get failed dependencies ...
>>        libpisock.so.8   is needed by jpilot-0.99.5-1
>>        libcrypto.so.0   is needed by jpilot-0.99.5-1
>>However, these libs _are_ on the system.  Maybe they are not located where 
>>JPilot expects them.  I note that the rpm was built on Slackware and RH has a 
>>reputation for moving directories around. I did ldconfig -v to no avail.
>It's not J-Pilot, but RPM that is confused.  My guess is that the system
>where the RPM was built had these two libs installed in a different
>place than your system uses.

I really don't think this is RPM's fault.  This is from my (fully 
up-to-date) RH 7.3 system:

/root # rpm -q --whatprovides libcrypto.so.0
no package provides libcrypto.so.0
/root # rpm -q --whatprovides libcrypto.so.1
/root # rpm -q --whatprovides libcrypto.so.2
/root # rpm -q --whatprovides libcrypto.so.3
no package provides libcrypto.so.3

So the versions of libcrypto.so that are provided by the system are .1 
and .2.  .1 is the old version provided for an older version still, and 
.2 is current.  If you built the RPM on Slackware, you can't expect it 
to work, because they don't have the same versions of openssl and 
pilot-link.  RPM is telling you the right thing: you need those versions 
of those libraries, and you don't have them.


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