[jp] Strange message when I synch

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Tue Mar 18 00:50:15 EST 2003

Try using the install-user program that comes installed with pilot-link.

On the palm you can type the shortcut stroke and the ".4" to see your 
current username and ID.


Rick Ankrum wrote:
> I finally got Palm Tungsten T to synch with JPilot 99.4 on Mandrake 9.0. 
> But now when I start the synch I get a message saying the user name is 
> not the same as my last synch even though I have not changed anything. I 
> click on the "Synch Anyway" button and synch proceeds but I see a bunch 
> of strange characters in the synch progress window for my user name. How 
> do I fix this?
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