[jp] MMC cards?

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Fri Mar 14 11:45:32 EST 2003

> However, my question now is: is there any way to install files onto the
> memory card rather than into RAM? ATM, I have to boot Windows to get ogg
> music files onto the memory card, which is a little vexing.

	Yes, get a USB mmc reader, and use that.

	Currently there is no way to talk to the external storage, using VFS
(Palm's "Virtual File System") interface to copy or read files from there.
It hasn't been implemented in pilot-link (and hence in J-Pilot), so that
capability doesn't exist.

> I've also had a problem with some files failing to install (specifically,
> converted Word documents for use with WordSmith). Has there been some
> change in the way PalmOS devices handle files that might explain this?

	Is the file/app using segments larger than 64k in size? If so, it
violates the Palm file format specifications (many apps seem to be doing
this lately, ignoring the specs, instead of coding their aplication properly
to adhere to them; Netfront's browser is another culpret that I know of).


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