[jp] Need for irc, bug tracker, devel list?

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Fri Mar 14 08:55:19 EST 2003

> I must say I don't see the point to a specific irc server. Why not use
> freenode (http://www.freenode.org/), where lot of open source developpers
> hang around ?

	Because freenode (often referred to as "fee-node" or "free-load") is
not a free irc network, and it doesn't cater to project-specific developers,
although there are many projects and developers hanging out there.

	Many people have migrated off of freenode to other networks (which
was originally free, called Linpeople, then turned into OPN, then turned
into a non-public network still called OPN, and now into "freenode") such as
OFTC and back to Efnet, but freenode is nothing of the sort, and not "free".

	The irc server software freenode is using has quite a few hidden
backdoors in it also, such as the ability for server ops to sit in channels,
including private channels, invisibly. You can't even see them log in or out
of your channel if they envoke this mode. The server ops can also kick and
kickban users, but make it look like the user quietly parted the network.
Not cool. You have to wonder why they would need such options in the irc
server software itself.

	Use whatever works, we're on irc.jpilot.org in various channels, and
we also support SSL from client to server, which freenode does not.


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