[jp] that sync-ing feeling

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Fri Mar 7 11:36:22 EST 2003

davamundo at netscape.net wrote:
> why must I learn everything the hard way ?
> I'll comb the man pages for clues, as to how to best kill gpilotd, and I will do that nest, the sticky part now is how to best overwrite the palm with todays jpilot contents ? 
> I tried File>ResoreHandheld>AddressDB.pdb but it sent a double-trouble file to the pilot !
> pilot-xfer -i AddressDB.pdb does the same.
> jpilot shows me an uncorrupted file that seems to be AddressDB.pr3 !!
> What's a .pr3 ? When does it become a .pdb ?

There is a pc3 file.  That contains the changes in since the last sync. 
  File->Restore->AddressDB.pdb, and pilot-xfer -i both should have 
worked.  They overwrite the current AddressDB.  So, if its duplicated, 
then that is what is in the pdb file.

Try pilot-dedup to get rid of duplicates.


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