[jp] build from cvs (starting to get OT)

Paul Gear paul at gear.dyndns.org
Thu Mar 6 15:55:38 EST 2003

David A. Desrosiers wrote:

>>I used to provide pre-compiled Debian packages from CVS version between
>>0.99.2 and 0.99.3 since the CVS version corrected bugs.
>	This is one _huge_ thing I object to (with my own packages,
>specifically pilot-link). I've seen Red Hat and SuSE do checkouts of
>post-release code of pilot-link, which fixes some bugs AND CAN INTRODUCE
>	Red Hat in one case decided that releases weren't happening as fast
>as they wanted, and they incremented the version number of _my_ code to the
>next one in series (0.9.3 was an official release, 0.9.4 was NEVER an
>official release, and if you search back, you'll see a LOT of people running
>these rogue 0.9.4 packages of pilot-link, which never existed, except in
>distributions). Red Hat bumped the version of pilot-link to 0.9.4, and
>released it into the wild, so they could force people to upgrade to that
>package, then it spread like wildfire, causing all kinds of problems. It is
>for that exact reason that I skipped the 0.9.4 series and made 0.9.5 the
>next release in that series.
>	Red Hat also put a cvs version of pilot-link into RH 7.2 when it was
>released, which was 8 months OLDER than the official release, which fixed a
>lot of bugs, and the one in 7.2 still had lots of unresolved issues in it
>(because it was from cvs at a time 8 months before the official release).
>	As a maintainer of source which is used in this fashion, it gets
>very frustrating to try to make sure we keep a nice solid (working) cvs, and
>that these distributions play by OUR rules, not theirs.
>	I could just as easily lock out cvs entirely, except for people with
>commit access, but I'm willing to not have to go that far just to keep the
>distributions and distribution package maintainers in line.

For my own curiosity: did you actually contact them about this?  What 
was their response?

I've found with Red Hat that sometimes they have someone really good 
working on this sort of stuff (e.g. Havoc Pennington on GNOME), and at 
other times you get someone who's not really very familiar with it at 
all, and stuffs things up.  For some packages that were obsoleted at 
8.0, i couldn't even find anyone who knew why they were obsoleted.

(None of this stops me using and recommending their distribution -- it's 
just a quirk of the company.)


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