[jp] Re: mail plugin using mail folder for in and out mails

Ludovic Rousseau ludovic.rousseau at free.fr
Thu Mar 6 14:05:27 EST 2003

Le jeudi 06 mars 2003 à 17:17:46, Raider a écrit:
> Oh!  If only someone would be able to make a mail plugin
> that takes the mail from one mail folder (no server
> connection) and puts the outbox in another mail folder
> (again, no server connection).  All in the simplest manner
> (not even a mail browser) without anything fancy.  At that
> point jpilot would have everything Palm desktop has (ever
> more if you count the keyring plugin).

I an now the author of jpilot-Mail [1] (jpilot-Mail was originaly
written by Oliver Kurth).

For now jpilot-Mail uses an mbox for ingoing mails and an SMTP
connection for outgoing mails. Using also a mbox for outgoing mails
would be great since the code of jpilot-Mail would be smaller/easier.

My problem is to find a simple tool to take mails from an mbox and send
them. It would be a reverse fetchmail :-)

I am sure that Mozilla or Evolution could do this but I am also looking
for a smaller, text only solution and without using a local SMTP server.

Any idea?


[1] http://ludovic.rousseau.free.fr/softwares/jpilot-Mail/index.html

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