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Raider raider_ro at gmx.net
Thu Mar 6 12:02:25 EST 2003

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003 10:32:13 -0500 (EST) "David A.
Desrosiers" <hacker at gnu-designs.com> wrote:

> 	Now now... you didn't read the --help output. Use -l
> 	to list them.

I thought -l means just to show a list with the notes.

> 	Palm Desktop doesn't do Mail directly, at least not
> 	any version I've
> ever used. Can Palm Desktop copy mail from the Inbox to
> the Outbox without a connection, as you suggest?

It uses MAPI from what I can recall.  In the linux world
things are extremely dispersed.  We have a few desktops, a
lot of mail clients and about the same number of ways to
handle the exact same mail RFC.  This is why I think just
using two mail folders would be the simplest.  Yes, using
servers is the easiest way to 'unify' all those interfaces
as the servers obey the same RFCs.  But, I'm sure there are
others like me that don't want to run sendmail for example
in the background just to make one app happy.
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