[jp] NotePad

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Thu Mar 6 08:12:18 EST 2003

> Any chance to get the Notepad support in jpilot?  This is a PalmOS 4.0 or
> newer feature.  The palm desktop (windows) syncronises this as well I was
> told.

	Thanks to the efforts of Angus Ainslie, pilot-link has had a working
'read-notepad' conduit (and read-palmpix for the Kodak PalmPix camera image
database) since June of 2002. With this, you can read the images stored in
your Notepad (or PalmPix) application and create png/xpm files on the
desktop that match them.

	Since the structures for creating them already exist in pilot-link
(include/pi-notepad.h and include/pi-palmpix.h), it wouldn't be too far of a
far leap to support a Notepad conduit in J-Pilot itself.

	Note: Palm Desktop doesn't "syncronize" the Notepad database. It
merely copies it from the Palm handheld to the desktop. You can't modify the
Notepad data on the desktop side. You can select to delete the note entry
from the desktop, and it will be deleted on the handheld, but you can't
modify the contents of the note, or edit/change the image that is bound to

	With some modifications to the read-notepad conduit, however, we may
be able to create images in gimp, for example, and sync those back to the
Notepad application. Angus would be the expert to ask on that part though.

	Give Judd some time, I'm sure he'll work something out.


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