[jp] address book entries disappear

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Wed Mar 5 11:27:05 EST 2003

Are you sure its not marked private?


Maya Gokhale wrote:
> In response to the disappearing date book entries problem, I upgraded to
> the 0.99.5 version of JPilot.
> However, I am still experiencing a "hidden" address book entry problem: an
> address book entry in the UnFiled category appears on my Palm Zire, but
> does not show up in the Addressbook display window of JPilot. When I did
> a "strings" on AddressDB.pdb, it shows up, so I know the data is there.
> But it just won't display. I have tried Unfiled, All, Personal, ... but no
> luck. I think looking at the particular ones that are missing, I might
> have originally entered them in as Personal in JPilot (not on the Zire)
> and then done synch.
> Has anyone else had this problem?
> Maya Gokhale
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