[jp] "Too Many Catagories"

Dave Sp davesp at speakeasy.net
Tue Mar 4 23:11:50 EST 2003

Judd Montgomery wrote:
 > I don't know if its a bug or not at this point.  My guess is that
 > Personal had a "Local" category ID and there was no way for jpilot to
 > know whether it was deleted on the palm, or added in jpilot, so it tried
 > to add it.
 > How many categories were in the palm on the previous sync?
 > How many were added and removed and did they have different names?
 > Was Personal on the handheld and jpilot during the last sync?
 > The IDs of the categories would be nice to know, but I don't expect you
 > to know that.  If you have the pdb files from before and after you can
 > use pilot-file to dump the "app info" and send it to me.
 > Judd

I can provide "ToDo" .pdb files from before and after the Sync.  Would that

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 > Dave Sp wrote:
 >> It had been a few days since my last Sync.
 >> A few To-Do categories were added on the Palm (m515) and a couple were
 >> deleted.
 >> Tonight's Sync revealed an unexpected message:
 >>    Doing a fast sync.
 >>    Syncing DatebookDB
 >>    Syncing AddressDB
 >>    Could not add category Personal to remote.
 >>    Too many categories on remote.
 >>    All records on desktop in Personal will be moved to Unfiled.
 >>    Syncing ToDoDB
 >>    Fetching 'ToDoDB' (Creator ID 'todo')... OK
 >>    Syncing MemoDB
 >>    Syncing ExpenseDB
 >>    Syncing Keys-Gtkr
 >>    synctime: Palm OS version 4.10
 >>    synctime: Setting the time on the pilot... Done
 >>    Fetching 'Saved Preferences' (Creator ID 'psys')... OK
 >>    Finished.
 >> I have no idea where to put this "bug", if it is one.  But here it
 >> seems to
 >> be.  The "Too many categories" message surprised me.

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