[jp] "Too Many Catagories"

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Tue Mar 4 22:45:53 EST 2003

I don't know if its a bug or not at this point.  My guess is that 
Personal had a "Local" category ID and there was no way for jpilot to 
know whether it was deleted on the palm, or added in jpilot, so it tried 
to add it.

How many categories were in the palm on the previous sync?

How many were added and removed and did they have different names?

Was Personal on the handheld and jpilot during the last sync?

The IDs of the categories would be nice to know, but I don't expect you 
to know that.  If you have the pdb files from before and after you can 
use pilot-file to dump the "app info" and send it to me.


Dave Sp wrote:
> It had been a few days since my last Sync.
> A few To-Do categories were added on the Palm (m515) and a couple were
> deleted.
> Tonight's Sync revealed an unexpected message:
>    Doing a fast sync.
>    Syncing DatebookDB
>    Syncing AddressDB
>    Could not add category Personal to remote.
>    Too many categories on remote.
>    All records on desktop in Personal will be moved to Unfiled.
>    Syncing ToDoDB
>    Fetching 'ToDoDB' (Creator ID 'todo')... OK
>    Syncing MemoDB
>    Syncing ExpenseDB
>    Syncing Keys-Gtkr
>    synctime: Palm OS version 4.10
>    synctime: Setting the time on the pilot... Done
>    Fetching 'Saved Preferences' (Creator ID 'psys')... OK
>    Finished.
> I have no idea where to put this "bug", if it is one.  But here it seems to
> be.  The "Too many categories" message surprised me.
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