[jp] New "Web" menu in 0.99.5. Why?

Jeff Vian jvian10 at charter.net
Sun Mar 2 19:54:39 EST 2003

For debian to NOT support a standard xterm seems to me to be going 
toward the propietary model.

I agree with an earlier comment that the xterm should be a standard 
interface, and then if the OS has specific needs it should handle the 
interface in such a way as to handle the generic cross-platform method 
of starting a terminal window appropriately.

It is unreasonable in an open software environment to expect each 
developer to handle the specific API requirements of the OS.  It is easy 
for the OS to have a standard API and handle their own requirements 
behind the scenes for the user.

Even M$WormOS has several different versions, but all have a standard 
API with  additional calls optional dependent upon the version being used.

Judd Montgomery wrote:

> The purpose was to get people to go to the homepage and read the 
> documents or be able to sign up on the email list.  I realize I need 
> to update my documentation on the website also.
> It probably would be better uner the "Help" window, or menu.  I was 
> working on this and needed to make a release to fix the problems in 
> the previous release.  As for the xterm, I wouldn't know what would be 
> more cross-platform.  The xterms aren't real important.
> Judd
> Ludovic Rousseau wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I noticed the presence of the new menu "Web" on J-Pilot 0.99.5.
>> I don't find this menu very usefull and rather annoying.
>> I may remove the menu entry from the Debian packages unless someone
>> explain me why this menu is important.
>> My real concern is that under Debian the correct way to start a X
>> terminal emulator is to use x-terminal-emulator
>> (/usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator which is a alternative for many X 
>> terminal emulators) and not directly xterm. You may have a system
>> without xterm but with gnome-terminal for example.
>> So I have to either patch jpilot to use x-terminal-emulator instead of
>> xterm or remove the Web menu.
>> I would prefer to have a "Web" button in the J-Pilot "Help" dialog box.
>> The button could try to launch a browser until it finds one working.
>> Try mozilla, then galeon, then Konqueror, then lynx, etc.
>> Regards,
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