[jp] sync has error messages

Rodney D. Myers rdmyers at pe.net
Thu Mar 20 13:27:55 EST 2003

I'm using;


Today I was attempting to mover things around on my M105, and
occidental deleted a bunch of address. 

I copied an older backups folder to the main folder in attempts to
correct this problem. It did, after numerous tries.

Now, however, when I "backup" my M105, I get the following error
message right away;

 Syncing on device /dev/ttyS0
 Press the HotSync button now
Username is "Rodney D. Myers"
User ID is *****
lastSyncPC = *****
This PC = **************

Installing Update 3.5.2.prc (Creator ID is 'ptch')...Failed.
Installing Net Prefs.prc (Creator ID is 'netl')...Failed.
Doing a slow sync.
Syncing AddressDB
Syncing ToDoDB
Syncing MemoDB
Syncing ExpenseDB
Syncing Keys-Gtkr
synctime: Palm OS version 3.52
synctime: setting the time on the pilot
Fetching 'AddressDB' (Creator ID 'addr')... OK
Fetching 'DatebookDB' (Creator ID 'date')... OK
Fetching 'MemoDB' (Creator ID 'memo')... OK
Fetching 'ToDoDB' (Creator ID 'todo')... OK
Fetching 'Keys-Gtkr' (Creator ID 'Gtkr')... OK
Fetching 'Saved Preferences' (Creator ID 'psys')... OK

as you can see, eveything else syncs.

The 2 files in question do excist in the ./jpilot direcotry.


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