[jp] porting data into the address book via .csv files

ted jordan, jordanteam ted at jordanteam.com
Fri Mar 14 22:52:01 EST 2003

i created a .csv file with the top line like so, and an
example entry is shown in the 2nd line....

Prospect,Stacie, d. Brenna, President,Seniros Home Advantage,440 444 
3344,,866 688 HOME,stacie at home.com,www.seniors.com,,,,,,2/14/3 met at 
university hospitals

In jpilot, I click File->Import->as CSV, and get this result.
Last: d.
First: Brenna
Title: President
Company: Seniors
Phone1: Home
Phone2: Advantage
Phone3: 440
Phone4: 444
Phone5: 3344
Address: 866
City: 688
State: HOME
ZipCode: stacie at home.com
Country: www.seniors.com
Custom1: 2/14/3
Custom2: met
Custom3: at
Custom4: university
Note: hospitals
phoneLabel1: 0
phoneLabel2: 0
phoneLabel3: 0
phoneLabel4: 0
phoneLabel5: 0
showPhone: 0

Instead of it using comma separted variable, it appears to be
using space separated variable.  Is this a bug?  Do I have to
use double quotes around everything?


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