[jp] problem in todo.c, proposed fix

ttraub at tastysoftware.com ttraub at tastysoftware.com
Sat Mar 8 00:14:15 EST 2003

I am trying to import a todo file and jpilot 0.99.5 consistently seg faults.  Code trace
reveals a null pointer assignment in todo.c pc_todo_write().  I hacked the code
as below:

<    *unique_id = br.unique_id;
>    if (unique_id != NULL) {
>        *unique_id = br.unique_id;
>    }

Sorry, I have no idea how to submit this as a patch, or whether it may have side
effects.  Anyway it worked in that I could do my import.  I was restoring files
to my Handera after a brief fling with a Sony NZ90.  It's a nice PDA but too
much of a brick for my needs.  Maybe an M515?


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