[jp] that sync-ing feeling

davamundo at netscape.net davamundo at netscape.net
Thu Mar 6 19:28:26 EST 2003

I'm flailing wildly trying to tame the many conduits of Mandrake 9.1rc2.
   Everything started up great "tweedle-dee" (sings the palmIIIxe, sync..sync ..sync) NO WAIT ! I forgot that I had imported my palm.DBs, from Windoze, earlier. 1200 records became 2400 and guess how I fixed it ? "click-select .. click-delete" 1200 times ! WHEW ! I wish jpilot had better keyboardability ! Now, simply sync, I think, and the extra records on the palm will be deleted. 
   "tweedle-dee .. sync .. sync .. " WHA ?? The gnome-evolution conduits take over and (you guessed it) corrupted 2 years of datebook.DB .. if the eDatebook conduit had been set to desktop-overwrites-pilot it would have been OK, but.. . Next step; save datebook.db from backup (YES, i have backups) but WAIT the good datebook.DB was created with evolution 0.8, I now sport 1.12 !! After much file swapping and vCard splicing I gave up, swapped the backup /evolution directory, and re-installed Mandrake 9.1rc2 from the ground up. It worked ! evolution Calendar file restored ! Now I'm trying to overwrite the corrupt palm AddressDB.pdb (with good file from jpilot) and the corrupt DatebookDB.pdb (with good file from evolution)
   I thought I would use "pilot-xfer -i AddressDB.pdb", from the command line. the problem is that the current file seems to be a *.pr3 .. what's that ? 
   I'm less worried about the evolution part, at the gnome conduits feature a configuration utility.. what about jpilot conduit config ?

   I know it's a long post and a sad story .. any suggestions ?

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