[jp] address book entries disappear

Maya Gokhale maya at lanl.gov
Wed Mar 5 10:46:25 EST 2003

In response to the disappearing date book entries problem, I upgraded to
the 0.99.5 version of JPilot.

However, I am still experiencing a "hidden" address book entry problem: an
address book entry in the UnFiled category appears on my Palm Zire, but
does not show up in the Addressbook display window of JPilot. When I did
a "strings" on AddressDB.pdb, it shows up, so I know the data is there.
But it just won't display. I have tried Unfiled, All, Personal, ... but no
luck. I think looking at the particular ones that are missing, I might
have originally entered them in as Personal in JPilot (not on the Zire)
and then done synch.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Maya Gokhale

Maya B. Gokhale, maya at lanl.gov

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