[jp] datebook fatal errors

James B Robinson jr at ratwerks.com
Wed Jun 18 15:52:43 EDT 2003

My Clie has done this three of four times now. I'll do a sync that stops
at synctime and the clie will report a db issue that requires a hard
reset and restore. I have several repeating appointments, but I generally
don't import bunches of stuff. The crashes may have always happened
after I'd added or edited a repeating appointment; but I couldn't say
for sure that they have.

For now, I've turned off synctime.

On (03/06/18 13:12), Judd Montgomery wrote:
> I've had some reports of datebook errors when changing repeating 
> appointments.  The kind that crash the palm with some invalid datebook 
> entry.  I was able to duplicate this one time, but not again.

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