[jp] jpilot and export ldif

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Wed Jun 18 12:47:28 EDT 2003

Bill Fenner wrote:
>>It works for me, what is broken?
> Right before the 0.99.5 release you added someone's patch to the
> ldif code which made it try to print an unassigned variable and
> would core dump.  This is fixed in CVS.
> The text export thing is harder to pin down; I experienced it in
> 0.99.5 where it would say "unknown export type" if you let the
> default stand at text, but it would do the text export if you picked
> something else and then went back to text.  This may be a gtk version
> issue or something else.  I don't know if this is fixed in CVS or not.

Yes, I do think I fixed this in CVS.  It was an array being overwritten, 
from the patch and my not carefully checking that patch.

I do want to release 0.99.6 soon so everyone tell me about my bugs.


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