[jp] mutt aliases and jpilot address book

Marc Ozon palm at spamfilter1.ozonation.org
Mon Jun 16 21:28:40 EDT 2003

--- David Williamson <nospam3 at starband.net> [2003-06-16, 10:26]:
>Has anyone done any work doing something along the lines of getting the
>jpilot address list's email addresses to be imported to the mutt aliases
>file?  I've used the sylpheed and have enjoyed having my Clie's list of
>email addresses handy but have moved to mutt for email and would like to
>have the same capability.

In addition to the query_pilot.sh script already mentioned, another
program that can accomplish this (and avoid messing with the mutt alias
file) is lbdb:


lbdb can look for addresses in many different places, from Palm
databases to pine addressbooks, from /etc/passwd to your gpg keyring.
Very handy, and can be used with mutt's query command in the same method
described here already for query_pilot.sh.

To use it, I put this in my .muttrc:

  set query_command="lbdbq '%s'"

And, in .lbdbrc, set "m_palm" as a method (as well as the method for any
other address source you want), and set the Palm database to the .pdb
file sync'ed by jpilot:


Hope this helps,

Marc Ozon      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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