[jp] mutt aliases and jpilot address book

David Williamson nospam3 at starband.net
Mon Jun 16 12:07:24 EDT 2003

* Jason Day <jasonday at worldnet.att.net> [2003-06-16 10:52:31 -0400]:
> This has been discussed here a few times in the past.  The attached
> shell script may be used to query the AddressDB.pdb file directly, which
> I find preferable to trying to keep yet another file in sync.  It
> wouldn't be hard to modify it to output an aliases file if you prefer,
> though.

Sorry if I missed it in the past.  I'm relatively new to the list... I can
see it's not really necessary to bother with messing with the aliases file,
with this available.  Works great!
> Restart mutt, and at any prompt for an address entry, hit ^T to query
> the AddressDB file with what you have typed.  See "4.5.  External
> Address Queries" in the mutt manual for more info.

^T?  For me it's Q ... to query.  ctrl-T is unbound.  Am I missing

dave w

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