[jp] Jpilot-Mail sent mail folder

Sarah George slgeo1 at telstra.com
Fri Jun 13 02:51:14 EDT 2003

From: "Dr. Jones" <drjones at vii.com>
> My problem lies in configuration.
> I can send mail out just fine with Evolution, or using Netscape 
> mail, but I
> have no idea how to set up the configuration settings in Jpilot so 
> that my
> mail will be sent out from my palm, or how to get incoming mail 
> from my
> linux box to my palm.

"Mail Delivery" tab: 

Mail server: Where the SMTP server is. 
   eg: mail.bigpond.com

Port: Which port
   eg: 25

Default domain: Whatever's after the "@" in your email address. 
   eg: bigpond.com

Identity tab:

Your Name: Just what it says.
   eg: Sarah

>From address: Your full email address
   eg: slgeo1 at bigpond.com

Folders tab:

Path to Inbox folder: jpilot-Mail assumes you are using some OTHER
software to fetch mail, like Evolution or kmail. Those programs will
store an inbox somewhere. Find out where and tell jpilot-Mail so it can
SHARE the inbox used by your normal email app. I've gone a step further
and made a "palm" folder that I can copy messages to from kmail, and
jpilot-Mail uses the palm folder as its inbox so it will only get
messages that I throw at it.
   eg: /home/sarahg/Mail/palm

Path to Sent Mail folder: Oh yeah I just added that one :) This option
probably won't appear for you but its to set up a file for the palm
pilots sent-mail folder.
   eg: /home/sarahg/Mail/sent-mail-palm

Get Read Mail: If checked, jpilot-Mail will copy ALL the mail from the
inbox you've selected to the palm. If un-checked, it will only copy
un-read mail. My advice for this is "[X]" if you use a separate "palm"
folder like me, and "[ ]" if you use it on your normal inbox. 
   eg: [X]

Sync Tab:

Before sync, get mail from folder: If checked then you don't need to
click the "Get" button to make jpilot-Mail check your inbox, it will
happen automatically when you sync the palm. I recommend you check this.
   eg: [X]

After sync, send mail from Outbox: If checked, mail in the "Outbox"
folder will be sent automatically. Only check this if you have a
permenent internet connection, otherwise use the "send" button to tell
it when to actually send the stored emails. 
  eg: [ ] 

Truncate to size (bytes): The palm pilot email program has a similar
configuration option, I suggest you make the two match so jpilot-Mail
doesn't bother to send more than the palm pilot will read. 
  eg: 4000

Signature Tab: 

(just space to write a signature). This is the same as, and is synced
with, the "signature" field in the email configuration on your palm pilot.

I hope all this helps :)
-- Sarah

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