[jp] Odd string

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Thu Jun 12 19:51:21 EDT 2003

It is a DateBk string.  DateBk stores tags in the first line of a memo. 
  At Pimlicosoftware.com there is a 100 page document that explains what 
these tags are and how to use them.  You can turn off Datebk3/4 support 
in jpilot and it will make this tag line go away.

I will make this entry box make more sense in later versions.


Seth Williamson wrote:
> I am syncing my Clie 610 to jpilot on a Libranet 2.8 machine.  Seems to
> work fine.
> However, on the jpilot desktop there's an odd text string beneath all of
> my appointments and floats in the datebook section.  The top box that
> displays events has the appointment or float text, and it's just right.
> In a box beneath that, there's a string of what looks like garble. 
> Identical in some, slightly different in others.  A typical example is:
> ##f at A@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
> I am scared to delete it in case it's important.
> Can somebody tell me what it is, why it's there, and what that bottom
> text box is for?  Thanks...
> Seth Williamson
> Floyd, VA
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