[jp] calendar problems?

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Thu Jun 12 01:37:24 EDT 2003

If you export the appointments that cause trouble into a CVS file and 
send them to me I will debug it.  You can change the text parts to avoid 
sending me your information.


Gregory Goddard wrote:
> I've got a calendar entry that repeats every two weeks on Friday.
> In skipping a few months ahead yesterday, I noticed that things start
> crapping out in January 2004:
> 1) There are several blank entries that are highlighted, and they can't be
> removed.
> 2) In February 2004, the calendar entry that repeats every two weeks
> doesn't show up as highlighted, even though it exists.
> At quick glance, this behavior continues through 2006 and beyond. ;)
> Everything is fine in the PalmPilot itself.
> I've been using 0.99.5, but I just updated to the latest CVS, and it's
> still happening. Any ideas?
> thanks, -g
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