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Wed Jun 11 17:00:25 EDT 2003

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Rodney D. Myers wrote:

> Do these things work under Linux?

A lot of my friends, along with me, bought the Palm Vx at about the same 
time. And a lot of us ended up buying USB->Serial hotsync/charge cables, 
so I have seen some half-dozen different types/makes of such cables. 

Brands I know to work were Brando, BAFO and Targus, apart from several 
no-name imports.

I have yet to see one that didn't work with Linux. They just work. Period. 
Apparently the tech behind this is fairly well established and documented.

My own was a BAFO cable I bought for the equivalent of about $23.



p.s. Mac users - YMMV. I have seen posts on lists where people have had
issues. Didn't seem to be brand-specific though, so more likely a generic 
config issue.

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