[jp] Pretty Calendar views

hal King hck at utk.edu
Tue Jun 10 11:36:23 EDT 2003

I ask humbly that the old day view be available, at least as an option (bow, 
   scrape, prostrate). I have to deal with 2 calendars for work (outbleck, 
   and something owned by a company who's name rhymes with rhetorical).  I 
   really use jpilot, and part of the reason for that is the view.  The other 
   calendars have graphics like the example; however, they both have different 
   ways of showing the views. Also the views wind-up needing to be scrolled in 
   to see the whole day. That sucks. I look at a day in jpilot and know 
   instantly when I'm scheduled. The week/month view IMHO only needs end times 
   for events. 

I would like to say a _big_ thank you to Judd for his work on the best calendar
   out there, and his continuing to offer a non GTK version of jpilot. I work 
   on a Solaris box and have had real problems getting GTK2 to compile and link 
   correctly. So I'm very happy to be able to run the modern jpilot.


hal king    Unix System Group / The University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Volkswagen of Vengeance? nm, just remember that "xp" only works correctly in vi
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