[jp] Pretty Calendar views

Aaron B. Iba aiba at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 9 19:31:18 EDT 2003

On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 03:26:14PM -0700, Rich Shepard wrote:
> > Give me some feedback before I code it.
>   I think it looks just fine. Of course, I prefer function over form;
> substance over superficiality. And I'm not impressed by eye-candy as long as
> the application does the job.

I am not sure whether you are implying that a better day/week view
would be mere eye-candy, but in case you are, I would like to point
out that a graphical day/week view offers essential functionality that
jpilot currently does not have.  (See my previous post with screenshot
of evolution-calendar).

The most typical situation that arises for me and my calendar is that
someone asks me, "When are you free next week to meet for a few
hours."  Currently with jpilot, scheduling such an event is not easy:
with just a list of daily events, it's hard to see what time is
available between events already in your calendar.  Moreover, when
there is a constraint such as "after 3pm", it is extremely helpful
(functional) to be able to look at all the free space in a week after
3pm, in a single window.

I suspect other people would enjoy this functionality as well.  Or am
I missing an easier way to schedule events using jpilot?  (Currently I
look at the existing week view and read the times for the events
listed.  Then I figure out in my head where there is time for what.
It is doable, but slower than it would be with a nice week view).


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