[jp] Palm PPP How-to

Nicholas Piper nick-moongroup at nickpiper.co.uk
Mon Jun 9 18:03:54 EDT 2003


On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Atul Chitnis wrote:

> > When I tap "HotSync" button on my cradle, the palm brings up the
> > network, and starts a hotsync. Then it puts the network back down
> > (unless it was up to start with, then it just leaves it alone.)

> That's the point - what we need is a stub that brings the network up, not 
> start a hotsync (which would bring network up, sync, and bring it down 
> again).

> Essentially something that will avoid the Prefs>Network>Connect Routine - 
> just click on icon and network comes up (assuming something is waiting for 
> it at the other end).


Most (all?) Palm apps which use the network will bring it up
automatically. If you have more than one network profile that you want
to switch between though, you'll want more software to make that
easy. I use NetSelect to switch me between GPRS and USB network



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