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Mon Jun 9 16:04:12 EDT 2003

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Nicholas Piper wrote:

> > NICK!!!! Need stublet to kick off default network connect, a la your modem 
> > hotsync stub. Any chance of your being able to throw one together? it 
> > would help a lot!
> It does that already, no? If you've setup modem hotsync like this:


> When I tap "HotSync" button on my cradle, the palm brings up the
> network, and starts a hotsync. Then it puts the network back down
> (unless it was up to start with, then it just leaves it alone.)

That's the point - what we need is a stub that brings the network up, not 
start a hotsync (which would bring network up, sync, and bring it down 

Essentially something that will avoid the Prefs>Network>Connect Routine - 
just click on icon and network comes up (assuming something is waiting for 
it at the other end).

That way, one can put the Palm into the cradle, hit your stub's icon, hit
"PPP up" on jpilot, and have a link running. Now one can do whatever one
wants - hotsync (network), avantgo, nfs mount the palm (ok - the last one
would be so cool ;)....

Finally, when one wants to up and away, one simply hits "PPP down" on t 
jpilot, which kills the link, remove palm from cradle (which kills that 
side of things as well), and walks away.

The idea is that lazy people like me can just hit one button on each side 
and have a link running, over which we then do whatever we want to do.

(notice how I am assuming the custom button feature? ;-)


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