[jp] Palm PPP How-to

Nicholas Piper nick-moongroup at nickpiper.co.uk
Mon Jun 9 08:39:22 EDT 2003


> > Also, it seems like adding buttons to jpilot to bring up the ppp link is 
> > of only limited utility since you still have to go into 
> > preferences->network to bring it up on the Palm side.

On the desktop, either you have PPP listening on the USBTTY, *OR*
jpilot. So I expect if you want to sometimes not use PPP, you DO have
to have some way to turn it off and on, on the host side.

I just have PPP always listening for the Palm.

> Ah, I know *just* how to fix that: 

> NICK!!!! Need stublet to kick off default network connect, a la your modem 
> hotsync stub. Any chance of your being able to throw one together? it 
> would help a lot!

It does that already, no? If you've setup modem hotsync like this:

 In HotSync, click Modem.
 Click the box below the hotsync graphic.
 Select the Service that connects via PPP to your PC.
 Make sure it's "Connection" is set to one which is:
   Connect To: Local Network
   Via:        Cradle/Cradle

I suspect your Connect To: in your Connection is set to Modem, not
Local Network.

When I tap "HotSync" button on my cradle, the palm brings up the
network, and starts a hotsync. Then it puts the network back down
(unless it was up to start with, then it just leaves it alone.)


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