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Mon Jun 9 06:47:21 EDT 2003

On Sun, 8 Jun 2003, bob.snyder wrote:

> I have updated to your version 1.1 and it works fine.

Ah good!

> A couple of notes. I don't need NAT since I'm behind a firewall/NAT box 
> already. I commented out the three modprobe lines and the three iptables 
> lines. This just prevents the error messages since I don't have packet 
> filtering enabled in my kernel.

Good point - shall add a enable/disable NAT option to the script.

> telnet to remote hosts on the internet, etc.) I have had trouble using 
> PocketLink. Although it initially works (i.e. I can get a Web page or 
> two), the network will lock up sooner or later and with it the Palm. 
> Only a reset will fix it :-( I also tried Tapliner and had the same 
> problem.

Urrr - that sounds like a problem with the system, not the link. I use 
PocketLink a lot, and havent had a freeze yet.

> ptelnet works okay. It is apparently a newer commercial version of the 
> older free ptelnet ver 0.6 that I have used before. The ssh2 is nice 
> however.
> All these apps are basically 160x160. The 'small' fonts in ptelnet just 
> double up all the pixels. This is a bit of a disappointment. They would 
> be so much better if they could utilize the hi-res screens. I guess I've 
> gotten spoiled with the hi-res version of plucker.

Pocketlink does do 320x320, but as I said in my earlier note - ptelnet is 
hilarious with its 160x160 and pixellated fonts - very hard to use pine 
that way ;-)

> Also, it seems like adding buttons to jpilot to bring up the ppp link is 
> of only limited utility since you still have to go into 
> preferences->network to bring it up on the Palm side.

Ah, I know *just* how to fix that: 

NICK!!!! Need stublet to kick off default network connect, a la your modem 
hotsync stub. Any chance of your being able to throw one together? it 
would help a lot!

> The pizza was yummy :-)

Good for you! Bad for me - wife just put me on a diet (again)! Life is 
cruel. :-(


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