[jp] Palm PPP How-to

bob.snyder bob.snyder at cox.net
Sun Jun 8 20:51:24 EDT 2003


I have updated to your version 1.1 and it works fine.

A couple of notes. I don't need NAT since I'm behind a firewall/NAT box 
already. I commented out the three modprobe lines and the three iptables 
lines. This just prevents the error messages since I don't have packet 
filtering enabled in my kernel.

Although everything seems to be working okay (i.e. DNS on the Palm, 
telnet to remote hosts on the internet, etc.) I have had trouble using 
PocketLink. Although it initially works (i.e. I can get a Web page or 
two), the network will lock up sooner or later and with it the Palm. 
Only a reset will fix it :-( I also tried Tapliner and had the same 

ptelnet works okay. It is apparently a newer commercial version of the 
older free ptelnet ver 0.6 that I have used before. The ssh2 is nice 

All these apps are basically 160x160. The 'small' fonts in ptelnet just 
double up all the pixels. This is a bit of a disappointment. They would 
be so much better if they could utilize the hi-res screens. I guess I've 
gotten spoiled with the hi-res version of plucker.

Also, it seems like adding buttons to jpilot to bring up the ppp link is 
of only limited utility since you still have to go into 
preferences->network to bring it up on the Palm side.

The pizza was yummy :-)

Bob S.

Atul Chitnis wrote:

>On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Atul Chitnis wrote:
>>>Again thanks.. I used your script with no changes except for the DNS. 
>>That's a bug, not a feature. I should be parsing /etc/resolv.conf and 
>>getting that info. Next version. ;-)
>OK, version 1.1 up there at http://atulchitnis.net/writings/palm-ppp.php.  
>The script now figures out your DNS from your /etc/resolv.conf (I have
>left an option in to override that). Please test and tell me what breaks.
>Also fixed acknowledgements and assorted slepping eroors. ;-)
>Can one add a button to jpilot to toggle the ppp link up and down from the
>main screen? Like jpilot.rc items "custom_button1_label" and
>"custom_button1_cmd" - the latter would basically be the command to be
>executed - in this case call the palm-ppp script, but lots of other things
>as well, like "Pluck Now!", "Order pizza", etc. ;-) 
>Since it wouldn't actually have to do anything related to a sync process,
>it wouldn't have to do anything special related to a hotsync (as some of
>the discussions recently have been about) - just do a plain old system 
>call. If it bombs, the user is to blame.
>Notice the digit "1" in the config item names - I assume there will be a 2 
>and a 3 and a 4. In my case, 2 would be "Photos" and "gqview ~/.jpilot/", 
>Would also be nice if the output of the command (if any) was shown in the
>status/log window.
>(sigh) So many ideas, so little programming ability to do it myself :-(

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