[jp] Palm PPP How-to

bob.snyder bob.snyder at cox.net
Sun Jun 8 12:54:50 EDT 2003


Many thanks for the work in creating the palm-ppp howto. I followed your 
easy instructions and it Just Worked. And the pizza's not even here yet!

My motivation for getting this going was to be able to do a network 
hotsync. As some may remember, I've had trouble hotsyncing my Clie SJ-30 
in the normal way. It takes numerous attempts of hitting the hotsync 
button on the Clie and then hitting the sync button in Jpilot. Sometimes 
it takes ten or more tries before getting the 'tweedle-dee'.

I've never had any other trouble using USB with the Clie. The ppp over 
USB works fine so now I have a much better solution to hotsyncing - the 
network hotsync works every time. I'd still like to find a solution to 
the normal USB hotsync, but it's not such a pain now.

Again thanks.. I used your script with no changes except for the DNS. 
I'm running Slackware 8.0 with upgraded kernel and lots of other changes.

I'm off to look for network apps for hi-res. telnet, browsers, etc.

Bob Snyder

Atul Chitnis wrote:

>I have written a little HOW-TO on getting PPP up between your Palm and
>your Linux PC, with a script to help you get going, and tips on how to use
>Avantgo and Jpilot using such a connection.
>Comments welcome - this is a fairly rudimentary, quick-n-dirty job, so
>lots of scope for improvement. It definitely needs more information on
>PalmOS based web browsers and stuff like that - but the primary focus was 
>Jpilot and Avantgo.
>Many thanks to Jason Day for suggesting that I write this document.

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