[jp] Beam item

Robert Hart enxrah at nottingham.ac.uk
Sun Jun 8 12:53:41 EDT 2003

On Sun, 2003-06-08 at 16:53, Colin Brough wrote:
> > 	Someone would have to write the application on the Palm side to
> > "package" up the object-to-be-beamed, and send it through the IrDA port. As
> > far as I know, that has not been done yet in a generic manner.
> So what do applications that have a "Beam item/event/whatever" menu
> item do at present? Package it up in their own unique way, on the
> basis that what they are talking to is another Palm running the same
> application (which has the relevant unpacking built in)? There is no
> information in what is beamed indicating what the structure of the
> incoming data is, only the data itself?
> (I'm asking simply for clarification!)

Standard formats are used where standard formats exist. You should read
the palm programming docs which are available on the web - they are
quite informative. 

So you can beam an address book item from a palm to a suitable mobile
phone, or to a winCE pda. Similarly I think you can beam a memopad item
to something else, and it just looks like a text file. 

It should work the other way around too. as long as you have an app on
your palm that can understand a particular format, it should just get it
and do the right thing.

I think the system used for beaming things is called OBEX (object
exchange), see http://openobex.sourceforge.net for a linux

you may also wish to try 

apt-get install ircp

It may do some of what you want - although I haven't actually tried it.


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