[jp] Beam item

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Sun Jun 8 10:16:46 EDT 2003

> If someone now tells me that pilot-link can already do that, I'll be
> mortified, but seriously thrilled.

	Someone would have to write the application on the Palm side to
"package" up the object-to-be-beamed, and send it through the IrDA port. As
far as I know, that has not been done yet in a generic manner.

	Your example also showed sending and receiving jpg files. What
application are these stored in? Does that application support beaming of
those images?

	Someone could, logically, decode the stream and write them to disk,
but it would be so intimately customized for each application, that you
would have to have 10 pilot-beam conduits on the desktop side for 10 image
viewers on the Palm side (pilot-beam-firepad, palm-beam-splashphoto, etc.)
It would probably get ugly maintaining it, and it would not scale well.

	The other option is to build one monster pilot-beam application with
switches to envoke the decoding algorithm for your image format, like
'pilot-beam -splashphoto' or similar. The hard part is the
reverse-engineering (and of course, our friend DMCA breathing behind us if
we decode it).

	Interesting quest though.. what about pilot-schlep + IrDA HotSync?


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