[jp] Finishing the DateBk5 installation

Mats Lidell matsl at contactor.se
Fri Jun 6 06:49:25 EDT 2003

>>>>> Judd wrote:

Judd> If everyone wants more Datebk support from me then email the
Judd> author and ask him to give me a copy to test with.

Datebk support would be nice of course but I also feel that the
desktop gives you other possibilities so that it isn't a matter of
just doing things like in datebk. (Although it might give some
inspiration of how to do things.)

One thing is the experimental integrated to-do view. This gets useless
IMHO if it can't be used to check to-do items and to only show todos
due at that day. Then it would add some extra to the current setup.

One thing I have heard people rejecting jpilot for is the date
view. They want a more standard view (like date view in outlook,
evolution etc) where you have the events shown in 1h slots over the
day. I don't second that but I think it could bring more users to

%% Mats

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