[jp] just getting started

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Wed Jun 4 11:55:53 EDT 2003

OK, well maybe the problem has been fixed since then.  If you send me 
the .pc3 file I will fix any bugs that make it crash.  I don't see any 
reason to trash the Yahoo calendar data.  If it is in the visor then it 
is fine and jpilot will be happy with it.

What I am wondering is where did you get this pc3 file that is corrupt? 
You said you had never used jpilot yet, so how did it get there?


Russ Button wrote:
> It's version 0.99.2, which is what comes with the standard Redhat 9.0 
> release.
> I'm sure that the Datebook.pc3 has some garbage in it, but I can't exactly
> edit it out with vi.  I think the only real "solution" is to lose the 
> old Yahoo
> calendar and just start fresh.  That kind of sucks, but it's not the end 
> of the
> world.
> You'd like to think that jpilot would be robust enough to just go, "Huh?"
> and then move on instead of doing the big one point landing and splintering
> into little pieces.  What's interesting is that the Visor seems 
> perfectly happy
> with the Yahoo calendar data.  Oh well...
> Russ
> Judd Montgomery wrote:
>> Which version of J-Pilot?  Did you try compiling from source?  It 
>> looks like your DatebookDB.pc3 has garbage in it to me.  Still, a 
>> graceful continuation would be nice if possible.
>> Judd

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